Sean Dewart

A Lawyer’s Lawyer

Sean has defended hundreds of lawyers facing claims. He has successfully represented civil, criminal and family counsel, corporate/commercial and real estate practitioners and arbitrators. He has defended lawyers being sued for defamation, and those who are facing claims for personal costs orders. Where lawyers’ integrity has been attacked, Sean has won punitive costs orders against plaintiffs, including on an appeal, where such orders are exceedingly rare.

Administrative and Professional Regulation

Sean acts for the Law Society of Upper Canada in professional regulation proceedings.  He also acts in regulatory and administrative matters concerning health professions, municipal and police accountability and labour relations.

Police Accountability

Sean was lead counsel in two groundbreaking cases against police services. In Jane Doe v. Toronto Police, a woman successfully sued the police when they failed to protect her from a serial rapist at large in her community. In Hill v. Hamilton Police, the Supreme Court of Canada held that people who are wrongly charged with a crime can sue the police for negligent investigations. Sean also acted for interveners in Supreme Court of Canada cases concerning remedies for misfeasance by government officials, the liability of Crown prosecutors for malicious prosecution, and the availability monetary awards where government officials breach the rights guaranteed under the Charter.

Counsel for Tough Cases

Sean represented the plaintiffs in a case where the court blocked the government’s attempt to unlawfully privatize a major Crown corporation, he successfully challenged a cruel welfare ‘reform’ law, and acted for a former head of state who was sued by a Prime Minister for supposed defamation.

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